Why Say No

Why Say No to the Proposed Static Caravan Site at Glen Truan Golf Course?

Quite simply, this is the wrong site for for such a large development. To put it into perspective:

  • This development includes more dwellings than the total number of houses approved in Bride over a 14 year period (2001-2015).
  • Only one single dwelling has ever been approved to be built this close to the Ayres and that was for agricultural use.
  • If successful, the development would increase the population of Bride by over 57% (based on 2016 census figures) and provide accommodation for over 220 people.

This is a large scale development and has huge implications not only for the local people, but most significantly, it has huge implications for the Ayres and in particular the Ayres National Nature Reserve which adjoins the land.

How will it affect the Ayres?

The Ayres could be directly affected in a number of ways. We would like a full, independent assessment of the environmental impact of the proposal that addresses the following questions:

  1. Such a large-scale development so close to the Ayres will mean more than 220 people living in close proximity to the Nature Reserve. The resources for managing this area are already stretched thin.  How can the development ensure that the area is properly resourced to make sure that the extra visitors understand and respect the area, keep their dogs under control, don’t leave litter, don’t light fires and don’t disturb nesting birds? How will this be funded?
  2. The Ayres is a peaceful area. How will the quiet enjoyment of the area be maintained?
  3. How will the Dark Sky Status be affected by adding 55 homes plus street lighting and vehicles?
  4. In recent years, the Ayres and the farmland where the proposed development is to be located has flooded. How will the proposed development cope in a flood? In particular, how will it prevent sewerage from contaminating the land?

 Help us to save the Ayres by asking your MHK the questions above.

The plans for the development have been submitted and can be viewed on the government planning site under application number 17/00956/B .