7th October 2017:

The official deadline for submissions to the planning office was yesterday. However, the planning office will continue to accept comments submitted until their meeting. Please submit your comments as soon as possible.

4th October 2017:

The Bride Commissioners held a meeting with local residents last night. The developer and his architect attended to answer questions. The room was divided with probably 25% of attendees in favour of the development, mainly for economic reasons. There were many more comments made against the development with the environment cited as one of the main concerns, together with concerns over traffic.

Tim Baker, MHK, attended and urged people to submit their comments to the planning office.

2nd October 2017:

Reviewing the IOM planning website shows just how many people object to the development at Glen Truan, including The Manx Wildlife Trust. We only have a few days remaining, so if you want to help keep the Ayres a special place, please submit your objections today.

29th September 2017: 

Thank you to all those that came to the requisition meeting in Bride on the 27th September. About 150 people attended ad it was fantastic that so many people shared their views on the development. While some were in favour, the vast majority expressed their concerns over the environmental impact on the Ayres that the development could cause.

Remember to write in to the planning office- see the ‘Join Us’ page for details.