About the Ayres

The Ayres is an area in the North of the Isle of Man, starting at the Point of Ayre and stretching west.

The Ayres is of great ecological importance and includes the Ayres National Nature Reserve and parts are designated as areas of Special Scientific Interest. It has also recently gained Dark Sky status.

The Manx Wildlife Trust and the Ayres Nature Reserve manage some of the area and provide information to the public about the habitats, rare birds and plants on the Ayres.

Louise Samson, the current warden of the area wrote a comprehensive report in 2014 which provides details on the bird and plant populations and reports on the work carried out to encourage the survival of these rare species.

The report is provided below. It clearly shows how vulnerable the habitats and rare plants and birds are.

The report covers the damage caused by extensive flooding in 2014. This is particularly important because the level of ground water rose not only on the Ayres, but also on the adjoining farmland where the proposed static caravan site is planned.

Flooding of the caravan site could cause contaminated ground water to run down and pollute the Ayres National Nature Reserve, which is directly below the site. There appears to be no provision for this in the plans.

We believe that this beautiful and vulnerable area should be protected for future generations. Join us today to help save the Ayres.